Silver Falls

Roundtrip: 10 km

Difficulty:  Difficult

Location:  Thunder Bay

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Silver Falls Trail is one of the classic hiking trails in the Thunder Bay area and is maintained by the Thunder Bay Hiking Association.  The trail follows the Kaministiquia (Kam) River past several small waterfalls up to a lookout over the river valley.

From Thunder Bay head west on Highway 102 for 30km and turn right onto Silver Falls road.  Follow Silver Falls Road for 15.8km staying left at the fork in the road.  Follow the signs for the Ontario Power Generation plant and park at the plant just before the  just before the locked gates.  The trail starts across the road from the parking area.  The trail joins a road up the hill where you will see the trail start again on the right near the top.  Shortly after you enter the trail from the road you will come to a steep section where there has been a rope setup to make it a bit easier to descend.  The trail then follows the river  to a gorge and a set of smaller falls called Silver Falls where you will have a view of the larger Dog Falls.  The trail continues to the top of the Dog Falls.  This is  where most people stop for a break and head back.

Remember that the water level in the Kaministiquia River is controlled by dams and water levels can change fast without warning.  If you see water levels changing move quickly to higher ground.

The trail beyond the falls goes into the forest is less worn and leads to a rocky area some people call the “Hoover Dam”.  When the water levels are low you can walk along the rocky edge of the river rather than the forest trail  in may places during this portion.   From here the trail continues at the sharp bend in the river  along a stream and then up the steep ridge leading to the lookout.  You can leave a second car at the lookout if you only want to hike the trail one way.

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  1. what a fine hike, enjoyed it so much alone with my little dog last week, that I had to return the next day with a friend. That last hill to the lookout made me feel my age on the 2nd day. smiles April 20,21 2010

  2. Great hike, well marked and maintained. One of the nicest places to hike in the winter if you’ve got a good pair of snowshoes and heavy winter boots, the snowshoes can’t be used at all areas along the trail.

  3. Hiked mid Oct/2014. Great trail, beautiful falls.

  4. Great hike! very well marked. Road to get out is a little rough if there has been a rainfall

  5. I’ve reached the Ontario power generation plant but can’t seem to find the first trail which is ‘across the parking area’. What should I do?

  6. Bailey, to access the trail you have to cross the parking area, then the trail is hiding behind a little grassy area you need to cross, the next time I am there I will mark it with marking tape, its fairly easy to see.
    This is a fun place to go! A little ways into the hike we has reached a point where we can either turn right into a new trail, or go straight up the hill (which we later found out is private property – clearly signed when you go up the hill a bit) so if anyone runs into that problem then turn right into the trail to get to the falls!

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