Arrow River Falls Superior Hiking

Arrow River Falls Superior Hiking

Round-trip: 2 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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Try to time this hike for when the water levels are low, like in the fall.? Starting at a bridge you will rock-hop upstream to a beautiful 40 foot waterfalls.? It is really interesting to see the different types of rock you encounter as you work your way upstream.

From Thunder Bay drive south on Hwy 61 for about 60km then turn right onto Hwy 593.? Follow Hwy 593 for 8.8 km and drive past the sharp right turn that 593 takes and instead stay straight on Border Road for 500m km then take the next right.? Drive on this road for 3.2 km until you reach a bridge.? There is a clearing just after the bridge where you can park.

From the parking spot make your way down to the river and rock-hop upstream for about 800m until you reach the falls.? Return the way you came.
Arrow River Falls

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