These falls are the main attraction of Aubrey Falls Provincial Park. This park is considered a natural environment park and is not staffed, but there is a hiking trail, scenic outlook, parking lot and outdoor toilets.

Round-trip: 2 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Thessalon, ON

Click Here for Google Map of the Route.

The Aubrey Falls is worth the trip. The falls are large and the drive is very scenic as the road follows the Mississagi River with lots of nice views of the river valley. You can also make a day of it and stop at Pig Pen Chutes and Grindstone Falls on your way to or from Aubrey Falls.

From Thessalon, Ontario drive 106 km north on Highway 129.  There is a sign on the right side of the road to mark the access road to the trailhead parking lot. There isn’t much to speak of for services along this route. Make sure you have your own coffee, lunch, and at least 4 hours’ worth of gas with you when you make the trip. Cell service is pretty iffy at best up here too.

There is a large dam and power station above the falls and the flow over the falls can be greatly reduced or even stopped at night or during the non-summer months.

From the parking area walk about 15 minutes to the footbridge over the river gorge. There are good views of the falls on the near side of the bridge as you walk along the rocks and end up standing high above the falls.

There is a bit of a view of the lower portion of the falls from the footbridge, but it is worth it to keep going over the bridge and up to the viewing area with the metal fence and picnic tables to get the best views of the entire falls. You can also follow the marked canoe route portage trails heading uphill past the main falls viewing area to get to Aubrey Lake above the dam.