Roundtrip:? 4 km

Difficulty:? Easy

Location:? Silver Bay, MN

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Black Beach seems like a secret place.? It is located below Silver Bay, MN? on the city access road and there are actually 3 beaches here.? I’m sure it is a very popular spot for locals, but to a tourist it seems like a hidden gem.

The beach sand is black and and very soft.? It is located in a small cove that I hear is a good spot for swimming –it was way to cold when I was there, but maybe next time!

At the Southernmost end of the beach, there is a large rock formation that just begs to be climbed and explored. Climbing to the top of this little island is steep and is not for everyone –and getting down is much more dangerous than climbing up –be safe if you choose to climb to the top!
Black Beach

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I hope you're enjoying the site

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