Brunner Trail

This is another one for the list of good hiking trails in Dorion. The Brunner Trail is a newer trail that I think was created and is maintained by the Dorion Trails group. This loop trail takes you up to the top of a hill for views of Lake Superior and returns back along an old road.

Round-trip: 3 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Dorion, ON

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Follow Highway 17 for about 45 minutes east of Thunder Bay. Turn left onto the Dorion Loop Road and follow the road until you come to the Dorion township buildings then turn left (west) onto Brunner Road.? You will see a sign directing you to the trail. The trailhead is on the right at the top of the hill. The parking area is not plowed in the winter, but in the summer there is parking available for several vehicles. The trail starts in the parking area and is well flagged and signed.

4 thoughts on “Brunner Trail”

  1. Visited this trail today. Lovely boreal hike. Despite no leaves was great fall hike on a moderately rough trail . Directions here are clear and trailhead parking area well marked. Walking starts on an old road but quickly heads up a steepish path where A rope helps on the steepest part . If you’re doing the loop clockwise direction it leads to a nice overlook. Several trees down across parts of the trail and a few spots where I was happy to see extra red or blue ribbons making the trail to not get lost . Harris lake section is worth the extra half km. Visit this lovely trail before nature reclaims it as it is filling in .

  2. Did Brunner & Harris Lake trails today. 3 km long. Goes up to nice view point – enjoyed the log ‘bench’ there 🙂

    Beautiful lichen, wood asters and mushrooms along the way.

    Great trail signage. Trail condition was good overall. Had to bend over to go under one tree that had blown down across trail

    Note: It takes 1 hour to drive here from south end of Thunder Bay. We drove past the parking area on Brunner Rd as it wasn’t marked (is exactly 1 km down Brunner Rd).

  3. We did a few of the trails out Dorion way today,and this was certainly one that had a fantastic view of the town with Lake Superior as a back drop.
    We noticed a sign that said we were at 900 ft above the town at the lookout point,and if you find your way up to Harris Lake it is over 1000 ft.PRETTY COOL

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