Melwel Road to Iron Bridge

Hike from Melwel Road to Iron Bridge on this scenic section of the Voyageur Trail and the Trans-Canada Trail, which follows the Mississagi River for much of the way. Distance: 8kmDifficulty: ModerateLocation: Iron Bridge, ON Click here for Google Map of the Route. This is … More

Aubrey Falls Superior Hiking

Aubrey Falls

These falls are the main attraction of Aubrey Falls Provincial Park. This park is considered a natural environment park and is not staffed, but there is a hiking trail, scenic outlook, parking lot and outdoor toilets. Round-trip: 2 kmDifficulty: ModerateLocation: Thessalon, ON Click Here for Google … More

Sand River Trail

Located in Lake Superior Provincial Park this trail is actually called the Pinguisibi Trail but most people know it as the Sand River trail. Round-trip: 6 kmDifficulty: ModerateLocation: Agawa, Ontario Click Here for Google Map of the Route This is one of the more popular … More

Fort Creek Superior Hiking

Fort Creek

The Fort Creek Conservation Area is owned by the Sault Ste. Marie Region Conservation Authority. It was built around 1971 to address flood control issues within the city, with the bonus of providing recreational green space. The Hub Trail comes through the Fort Creek Conservation … More