Chippewa Falls

The easily accessible Chippewa Falls are located at the halfway point of the Trans-Canada Highway.  These falls were memorialized by the group of seven painter A..Y. Jackson in the painting Stream Bed, Lake Superior Country.

Round-trip: 2.5 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Havilland, Ontario

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The 25 ft high Chippewa Falls can be seen from Highway 17, and because of the roadside park right next to them, it is a popular rest stop. Also at the roadside park, there is a plaque that marks the half-way point of the Trans-Canada Highway. The plaque describes Dr. Perry E. Doolittle, who is considered “Father of the Trans-Canada Highway” and was said to be the first man in Canada to own a car. It says Doolittle was dead for nearly 30 years before the highway became official in 1962.

The Chippewa Falls are wide and cascading. During spring run-off and after heavy rainfalls the falls are considerably larger. People visiting the falls when the water is high should be careful not to get too close to the edge and become swept down-river in the strong current. When the water-flow is down is actually the best time to hike to the upper falls because there are more opportunities to rock-hop and walk along the sandy banks of the river.

From Sault Ste Marie drive North on highway 17 for about 35 minutes watching for signs for the Chippewa River. Park in the parking area found just before the highway crosses the bridge. You can walk across the bridge for better views of the falls. You can also walk up either side of the falls, and climb on the rocks when the water is low.

The trail to the upper falls starts in the parking area and follows the river upstream to the top of the main falls. The path continues alongside the river to the upper falls and does continue upstream past the upper falls if you want to explore further.

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