Chippewa Ridge Trail

The Chippewa Ridge Trail is also known to rock climbers as The Wrinkles. The trail provides views of Thunder Bay and Lake Superior from the top of the ridge. There is also a raised beach that is hard to see in the winter.

Trail Difficulty: Easy
Trail Distance: 5 km loop
General Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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The trailhead is located just past Chippewa Wildlife Park and across from mailbox 102. Follow the trail through the trees, cross a gravel road and continue up the trail through the trees to the top of a short, steep section. Continue to the right and follow the trail as it loops around the ridge.

7 thoughts on “Chippewa Ridge Trail”

  1. hello I hiked this trail today. May 4 2016, the trail head is a little further along than the map suggests, other than that it is still there with flagging. Great short hike. This trail has seen very little use of late. The trail to the climbing area is still straight forward but after that it requires route finding. Thanks for the post I had forgotten about this one, looks like others have too.

  2. What a great site! I just moved to TBay from Toronto and am looking for easy hikes to do with our young boys (3 & 5). Is this hike good/easy in the Fall too?


  3. Hey Dude,

    Good suggestion for a hike. I tried it today and it was very scenic, though you couldn’t go all the way around the loop since it thawed a little too much.

    Keep it up withe hikes.



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