Crescent Lake Trail is a little-known hidden gem behind Mount Rose. This is a good hike any time of year and in the winter Crescent Lake can be good for skating. As always — bring a map and compass. There are so many trails here it is easy to get going the wrong way.

Roundtrip: 6 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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From the parking lot of the water treatment plant on Mission Road head back down the road you came in on, and turn left onto Mt McKay Lookout Drive, and hike up the hill toward the toll building. Just past the toll building take the trail to your left. There is no sign but I am told this is called The Old Sugar Maple Trail. Follow this trail for about 1 km keeping right, then at the fork look for a trail off to your left toward Mt Rose.

This trail is called the Crescent Lake trail. Crescent Lake Trail needs some work but it does follow along the south side of Crescent Lake and the ponds all the way to Mud Lake, where it connects up with some other trails.

Turn back the way you came when you reach an impassable beaver dam shortly past the end of the lake.