Round-Trip: 3 km

Difficulty: Easy

Location:  Thessalon, ON

Click Here for Google Map of Route

This is a great little hike to a beautiful lookout over Cummings Lake.  It is a short trail but it is up-hill pretty much the whole way to the lookout. I have heard that this is a good place to view peregrines, and that there is a nest below the second lookout where you can see the birds flying around when you are there.  I didn’t get to see any peregrines the day that I went…maybe next time 🙂

From Thessalon head north on highway 129 for 32 km.  Look for the first right about 100m after the Tunnel Lake Trading Post.  Turn down this gravel road and drive a short distance to where you will see a trail head sign with a red image of a hiker on the left side of the road,  with a place to park directly across from it.

Park in the clearing and follow the trail from the trail head sign.  The trail isn’t flagged but it is pretty well travelled so it is not too hard to follow.   You walk through a forest path that is uphill a lot of the way, until you reach the top where there is a bare-rock clearing at the cliff edge.  This is the first lookout.  From here you can follow the trail toward the north along the cliff edge until you find two more lookouts and the trail just seems to end.  All of the lookouts were spectacular.

Return to your car the way you came, but watch as you are coming out from the first lookout back onto the forest trail that you stay to the left.  There is a tempting trail to the right that takes you out to another cottage road –so watch that you stay on the left trail as you head back to the parking area as the trail isn’t flagged.

Cummings Lake

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