Finger Point

You’ll have to trust me on the view from the lookout on this trail, it really is fantastic. The last three times I have hiked this trail it has been snowing pretty hard, but on a clear day, you do get a beautiful view of Lake Superior.

Trail Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Distance: 5.5 km linear
General Location: Thunder Bay, ON

Google map and GPS tracks here.

From Thunder Bay drive approximately 68 km west on highway 61.? Park at the Ontario Information Center just before the border.

There are two ways to get onto the Finger Point trail. You can start at the steps on the West end of the parking lot. This is the same way as you would go if you were heading to High Falls but you would turn right onto the Finger Point trail at the signed intersection just before you go under the bridge. Or you can take the Boardwalk Trail that begins at a set of wooden steps at the East end of the parking lot.

I usually take the route starting at the East end of the lot because you get to walk right along the shoreline of Lake Superior. The beginning section of this route follows a wheelchair-accessible boardwalk from the parking lot to a viewing deck at the shore of the lake. If you look closely at the boardwalk you will see that several of the planks are paddle-shaped.

When you get to the viewing deck head West along the shoreline to the end of the bay and watch closely for the Finger Point Trail sign. From here the trail is well marked. It is just over 2.5 kilometers one way from the parking lot to the lookout. The trail is pretty steep as you get near the lookout and can be really slippery in the winter. When you get to the lookout you will find a bench in the shape of Lake Superior with some great metal artwork that you can’t help but theorize on how it was brought here…I’m thinking helicopter.

9 thoughts on “Finger Point”

  1. Very fun hike! Beautiful view from the top! While you’re there check out high falls (trail is separate from finger point but it is also clearly marked). Dedicate the whole day to do it!

  2. I don’t think Finger Point would be a great idea to hike with a toddler on your back. The footing on the last steep section is tricky even for the best of them–without squirmy toddlers on their backs!

  3. I am hoping to hike Finger Point next week with my toddler on my back. We are only occasional hikers and am wondering about the difficulty level? I love Mount McKay but it’s too steep with my son. What do you think?

  4. This was a fantastic hike,very steep and narrow near the end.Great view of the surrounding cabins/homes along the shore line.Will be out again to see High Falls

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