Roundtrip: 5km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Shabaqua, ON

Click Here for GPS Map

This easy hike through the abandoned Flett Railway Tunnel northwest of Thunder Bay is an interesting reminder of our early transportation heritage.

I have posted a few railway tunnels in the region on this site. And while the tunnel near Flett Siding isn’t nearly as long as the one previously posted at Jumbo’s Cove, it is the only former railway tunnel that you can actually drive through. It is about 300 metres in length.

From Thunder Bay head West on highway 11/17 toward Kakabeka Falls for 40 km. Turn right onto Finmark Road and drive for 4.3km then turn left onto Flett Road and drive for 1.7km to the old railway bed which is now a forest access road. This road is only suitable for off-road vehicles. Hike down the road and through the tunnel.

I hope you're enjoying the site

I hope you're enjoying the site

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