Fox Mountain

Roundtrip: 5 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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This was my first trip up onto Fox Mountain.  I had been meaning to look for a trail up to the top of this mountain for some time and I am so glad I finally made the trip.

Drive South on Highway 61 turn left onto Mountain Road, then right onto Coppin Road.  Drive to end of Coppin Road and park in the turn around area making sure you do not block any local traffic or driveways.

The trail starts on the south east side of the road.  Follow the trail staying to your right until you reach the beaver dam. Walk across the beaver dam and follow the flagged trail up onto Fox Mountain.  The trail up is quite steep and there is a bit of skinny rope that someone has put there to help, but I wouldn’t trust it.  Once on top you can follow the flagged trail for great views of the city. Return the way you came.

The trail is a bit hard to follow in places, but it seems like someone has been working on this trail fairly recently and hasn’t had a chance to complete the work.  I sure hope they continue because the work they have done so far is great.
Fox Mountain

Author: superiorhiking

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  1. Did this hike in the Fall of 2014 (it was a “side hike” on a hike to Loch Lomond for some geocaching. It was definitely a steep hike from the beaver dam to the top. But it was manageable. We had hikers in their 20s and in their 70s complete it. A fantastic view! I’d really recommend this hike.

  2. Need direction. I have tried to make it to this lookout area many times but always end up going to view of Saw Dust lake
    what are exact directions to take from Copping Road? does on just keep going right the whole time
    once at top of hill i noticed on trail went down,

    i got confused on flag tape too
    exact directions or idea of how to get here. thanks

  3. I don’t remember landmarks out of my head right now so hopefully you can make use of gps info…take the trail at the south east side of road and at 48.30197, -89.32989 you should be going right and crossing a beaver dam and heading toward the mountain…then try to hit 48.30096, -89.33355 and then 48.30225, -89.33464 where things should be pretty steep, then finally 48.3041, -89.33393 is the top. Let me know if this is not useful and I can try for more physical landmarks.

  4. So tried to make it there today. I think have to wait till winter or fall. I got the muddy trail that goes to Beaver Dam, however it seems i have to cross it? well its quite deep at moment, almost waist deep in water. i think was at the proper spot it seem
    according to my GPS, doesn’t seem many people been in there in some time?

  5. How old is this information about the trail?

  6. Sorry, didn’t notice the dates on the previous comments before making my last post. They were in a fainter typeset, hard to see. I followed this trail today, April 2, 2017, and it was a pretty obvious, wide trail (albeit wet and slippery) until after crossing the beaver dam. Then it was a matter of noticing the fainter trail that climbed slightly to the right. That trail became more and more obvious as it gained height, until the portion with the rope (quite a sturdy rope at the moment, tied off in a manner that gave me enough confidence to use it). If you just keep to the right from the parking lot, you’ll be fine. There are trails going off to the left at least twice, and they are flagged. Ignore them. Stay right. The path will slope upwards more than once, then start to go down (which makes sense since you’re headed towards a beaver pond). The huge, open pond area has a wide dam for crossing. The c;off trail after that is a slippery scramble right now, but lots of trees to grab onto at convenient intervals, then you have the rope. The summit is worth the climb.

  7. Thank you for the update Cindy! Sounds like you had a good hike 🙂


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