Go-Mar Falls (Gorge Creek Falls)

I know the name is odd, but I know these falls in the winter as an ice climb called ‘Go-Mar Falls’. I believe most people call this the Gorge Creek Falls.  I’m pretty sure these 80-meter falls are visited mostly in the winter, but they are worth the hike any time of year.

Roundtrip: 2.5 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Orient Bay, ON

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From Thunder Bay drive East on hwy 11/17 for 102 km. Just past Nipigon turn left onto Hwy 11 and drive for 35.6 km. Look for a power plant on the left. Park at the natural gas compressor station. It is a good idea to ask at the plant for permission to park here. Cross the road and go east along the power line for 750 m. When you get to a small stream look to the right for the trail that follows the creek to the base of the falls.

7 thoughts on “Go-Mar Falls (Gorge Creek Falls)”

  1. Different names the falls goes by ,Go-Mar Falls, Gorge creek Falls and Cascade Falls as most Orient Bay residents know it as.

  2. I woukd like to know more about this place as my last name is Gomar, and is not common in Canada. Any locals that could help me with this?

  3. Hikers should be aware that this falls is actually not on Gorge Creek. Gorge Creek crosses the highway farther north and if you were to follow the creek you would never get to the falls. I grew up at the Pipeline station and this falls is a special place for me.

  4. In southern Missiouri there are plenty of signs that say “Move slow–talk loud and keep your hands in plain sight”. It comes from the days of moonshineres and revenourers. It’s a polite way of saying “No Tresspassing”.

  5. Thanks Karl, I love the sign you have up at your resort that reads something like ‘Talk loud, walk slow, and keep your hands where I can see them’! Had a great time going through the tunnel by your place and climbing the ice on it. Susan.

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