Griffin Lake Tower

Griffin Lake Tower is the site of an old forest fire lookout tower.  You can hike to the top for great views of Griffin Lake and Batchawana mountain.

Round-trip: 11 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Batchawana, Ontario

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If you’ve been to this site a few times, you will know that I love fire towers. I was surprised to find that none of the local hikers I knew had been to this tower. Especially since there is so much information available about it online. It even made my hike tick list before I moved to the area!

I’ve been up to this tower two times and had bad weather both times. I’ll definitely be making the trip again since it was either raining or snowing by the time I got to the tower each time and I didn’t get to enjoy any of the views! I’ll be sure to go back again in the fall to get pictures of the leaves.

The route is on an old road the whole way and I took my bike up the second time. This trail is now one of my new favourite running and biking training routes since it is literally uphill for over 5 km!

From Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario drive north on Highway 17 for 53 km and turn right just after the Chippewa Falls onto Mile 38 road. Drive down this road for 7km and take the fork to the left and follow this road until you reach the M.N.R. Acid Raid Monitoring Station. Drive 1 km past the station taking the second road to the right. Follow this road for about 600 m and find the parking area on the left side of the road. ( If you had a good 4×4, you could drive another 2.2 km further.)

From the parking spot, hike along the main gravel road, crossing the creek at 100 metres down the hill. After 2.2 km from the parking spot take the fork to the right. (This is where you should park if you have driven your 4×4 this far). Shortly after turning onto this trail, you can sometimes hear the little waterfall that is hidden in the forest a few metres to the east. Stay on this trail for 3km to the fire tower at the summit. You will return the way you came.

From the top, you should be able to see Griffin Lake to the north-west and Batchawana Mountain to the south-west. You should be able to find the survey marker at the top, and possibly the geocache that is located up here too.

2 thoughts on “Griffin Lake Tower”

  1. This was a great hike, my wife and I did the walk on 9-2-12 after we ate at the Voyaguer. I forgot your directions but the owner at the restaurant had them. Fun ride up in our wrangler, parked after the second creek crossing. we didnt find the geocache. blue skies the whole way.

  2. Sadly, the survey marker has been removed from the rock. All that is left is the hole and impression where it used to lie.

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