Round-trip:  5 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Location:  Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Click Here for Google Map of the Route

Drive to the end of Second Line (Hwy 550) and park at the turn around.  At the North-West corner of the parking area there is am unmarked but well-used trail.  Follow this trail heading slightly West for 270m through muddy sections and then up to the top of the rocky out crops.  Continue climbing the outcrops and enjoying the views until you reach a big clearing with views down to a beautiful rocky shoreline.

From here stay on the wide trail that heads North-East for about 500m.   Stay on the trail that heads North-West and you will meet up with the flagged voyageur trail after about 500m.  Follow the flagged trail that continues North-West  until you reach the big lookout with the Grop Cap informational sign.  After you break here, return back the way you came.

There are side trails along the way marked in blue that take you to lookouts, but they weren’t at all worth it during the summer.  I hope to return after the leaves are down to see what these lookouts might have to offer then.

Gros Cap

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