High Falls

The High Falls Trail takes you along an old logging road to the 130-foot High Falls that can be viewed from both sides of the border.

Trail Difficulty: Easy
Trail Distance: 2.5 km loop
General Location: Thunder Bay, ON

Google map and GPS tracks here.

This hike takes you along an old logging road to the 130-foot High Falls. There is also a re-creation of an old logging chute. The return hike runs along the Pigeon River where you get views of the gorge and will be able to visit the old chimney site.

The High Falls of the Pigeon River, also known as Pigeon Falls, is on the Minnesota/Ontario border, right off of Hwy 61. The Falls can be reached from Grand Portage State Park or Pigeon River Provincial park but the views from the Ontario side are a little bit better.

From Thunder Bay drive approximately 68 km west on highway 61. Park at the Ontario Information Centre just before the border. The trail to the falls begins at a set of wooden steps at the west end of the parking lot.

14 thoughts on “High Falls”

  1. Justin,

    Hi! The trail is wide and well-worn. There are some inclines, but you won’t be climbing over large rocks or anything, if you follow the trail from the tourist centre. It’s more like a walk along a nice path, than a hike.

  2. High falls is beautiful. I’ve been going there since I was a teenager. I’ve been to both the American & Canadian side. The Canadian side is much more spectacular because you get the view of the falls – in front and on top. In the late summer months, you can hike down the boulders the the bottom of the falls. It’s truly a spetacular sight.

  3. we have hiked this trail several times since last fall, love it!! Beautiful trail with a nice little spot by the river for a little picnic., just past the chimney. It still amazes me the history i continue to learn about Thunder Bay hiking these areas and i have lived here all my life…

  4. Really enjoyed this hike. The falls were beutiful, but I think I enjoyed the walk along the river beneath them even more.

  5. We were out here today.In a word AMAZING.
    Was really nice to see,and learn some history about this place.
    The old Chimney and log shot are really cool.

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