Round-trip: 3 km

Difficulty: Easy

Location:? Kakabeka Falls, ON

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Take this easy hike into the Hume Gorge.? This is a popular spot for whitewater kayaking.? There is a series of cascades, potholes, and some very interesting exposed rock.? The water levels at different times of year will greatly affect your experience visiting this area.

Drive on highway 17 past Kakabeka Falls and turn right onto Hume Road East.? Drive to the end of Hume Road and park in the lot near the train tracks.? From the parking spot head north-east along side the tracks for about 300m until you can see the water and a trail on the right.

Follow the trail down to the waters edge near a small falls.? As you explore the falls you will find a trail along the rivers edge that you can follow upstream to the gorge.? The trail along the river is not flagged and is fairly hard to follow, even in the fall.? In the summer it would be pretty difficult to find.

Explore up the river to the gorge or beyond, then find your way back out to the tracks to head back to the parking area.

Hume Gorge

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I hope you're enjoying the site

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