Fox Lookout

Snowshoe or hike to the top of Lost Mountain for a great view of the city of Thunder Bay. Local climbers call this area Lost Falls and it is an active climbing area in the summer and the winter.

Trail Difficulty: Moderate
Trail Distance: 7km
General Location: Thunder Bay, ON

Click Here for Google Map.

There is a pretty good incline for the first part of the trail and you can rest at some good lookouts on the way up. There are a number of trails in this area, many of them leading to private back yards so bring a map and make sure you know which way you are going.

Drive South on Highway 61 turn left onto Mountain Road, then right onto Coppin Road. Drive to the end of Coppin Road and park legally on the side of the road making sure you do not block any local traffic, hydrants or driveways.

10 thoughts on “Fox Lookout”

  1. There is a google map included in the listing information, and most people bring their phone and use the google map foot directions. It is a moderate hike but I personally wouldn’t recommend taking a <2-year-old on this hike because of the steep cliff edge at the top.

  2. Where do i I find a map of this trail to follow while i am out there? I was hoping to make it a family hole with the kids (12,8, and soon to be 2) would you recommend this for younger hikers we have hiked the mountains in Alberta before and some of sleeping giant. Nothing too hard just easy to moderate hikes.

  3. We completed the hike to Fox Lookout for the first time on Sunday (Sept 27/20) in beautiful 22C weather. The fall colours and views were gorgeous. The trail is marked but be sure to keep your eyes open for it on the left.
    This was our first time hiking this trail. I wanted to do it for years but just didn’t find the time. So happy we finally did it.

  4. Hi Tanya, Lost Mountain and Fox Mountain are not the same hike, though they are located in the same general area. The Lost Mountain trail is much more popular and the trail is easier to follow. Fox Mountain trail is flagged, but it is still harder to find your way on that one.

  5. Is lost mountain and fox mountain the same hike? And has anyone been lately. Is the main trail marked?

  6. I hiked this trail with a friend of mine 2 weeks ago and had a great time. The trail isn’t well marked, so I’m thinking of going back to finish tagging it off. I thought that Lost Falls was a different hike, but I can see now that it’s the continuation on top of the mountain. The trails of there are also well walked and easy to navigate.

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  8. I have hiked this trail twice in the last couple of weeks, blessed weather for Nov. this trail is uphill for sure, with many side trails. Views of Loch Lomond and surrounding area are nice. I turned around here, finding another way out down a creek bed trail that felt old and well used through the years I plan on packing a lunch and venturing further this week, all the way to the lake. (we’ll see) With the wind farm debate just warming up, I highly recomend this hike to anyone, see this beautiful area whose use is being debated. Steve

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