Mills Block Forest

Mills Block Forest contains a 4 km hiking trail. There is a beaver dam and a few neat benches that people have made along the way.

Difficulty: Easy
Roundtrip: 4km
General Location: Thunder Bay, ON

Google map with GPS tracks here.

Mills Block Forest contains a 4 km hiking trail. There is a beaver dam and a few neat benches that people have made along the way. You can get a view of Lake Superior when the leaves are down from the higher spots. My favourite part of this hike is visiting the remains of a quartz mine by taking a little side trail.

Mills Block Forest is located on John Street Road at the corner of Community Hall Road, just ten minutes west of Highway 11/17.  Mills Block is one of a few urban hikes in Thunder Bay.  Some other urban hikes to check out are the Neebing-McIntyre Floodway and Pennock Creek Trail.  If you know of another great urban hike please mention it in the comments below I’d love to check it out!

11 thoughts on “Mills Block Forest”

  1. I concur with Fiona and Carol. Leash your dogs if you are walking or hiking where other animals or kids may be present. To think you are special and dont have to follow rules is ignorant and stupid.

  2. Matt: This is a conservation area and people walk there with leashes dogs and small children: if I see a dog owner without leashed dogs, or one who leaves dog faeces on the trail I will report their license plate and even take pictures. My husband or I will also kick any loose dog who approaches us and acts aggressively toward a leashed pet or child. If you can’t follow the rules you don’t deserve to have a dog or to use the trails everyone should enjoy safely. Ignorance abounds for people who can’t follow simple regulations or read a sign.

  3. Carol CM, I have two dogs that are usually unleashed. I think the question you should ask yourself is why you’re bringing a 5 month old puppy out on a hike like that? I rent a house which has no fence so the only form of exercise that my dogs can receive is hiking and being unleashed so they can run around. They are both very friendly but also very curious and like to say hello to other dogs. Reading your statement, it sounds a lot like this may be your first dog under your care. Advice, if you see three dogs approaching and you’re nervous for your puppy, give those 3 dogs your attention and talk to them and pet them in a friendly matter. They won’t feel that you and your dog are a threat. I do agree about people bagging their poop and then tossing it in the woods. That doesn’t make sense. Poop is biodegradable but not the plastic bags. But that happens no matter where, not just Thunder Bay. Also, I’m not sure if you’re frond around Thunder Bay but there are a lot of wolves and bears in the area. Having your dogs unleashed and running around is a very good deterrent for those predators. If your dogs bark and make a lot of noise, that’s a good thing. So trust me, unleashing your dog and teaching it to stay in proximity of the pack should be your next move. Not constantly keeping it leashed. Also, having your dog leashed with other dogs will be more aggressive. Trust me.

  4. People that walk this trail need to know the definition of “conservation” and ” rules”… there is a sign posted at the beginning of the trail, that specifies NO SNOWMOBILES OR ATV’s, AND ALL DOGS MUST BE ON LEASHES AND CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG !! Today i was walking with my leashed pup, only 5 months old. We were surrounded by three larger dogs, all taking an intimidating stance, and growling, while their uncaring owners, 3 women, just let it happen. I had to yell to them to call off their dogs, and they said nothing at first, then called to them. ALL THREE DOGS UNLEASHED. How selfish are the people of Thunder Bay??? Conservation area is a joke, there is dog feces, dog urine and in one area, bagged dog feces thrown up in a tree !! It is disgusting. About three weeks ago, my husband and I were almost run down by three snowmobiles… i called the Lakehead Conservation Area office and asked what could be done, and they told me they can do nothing and I should call the POLICE…. REALLY???? You think the City Police are going to run out to Mills block and patrol it ??? Honestly, i dont think so. So I and many others are left frustrated and disgusted by people who dont know how to appreciate nature and its beauty, and will continue to be selfish citizens of this city. Stay away if you dont know how to behave respectfully, because next time , as there is no where I can turn for help, I will take it into my own hands, and deal with it.

  5. I have done this a few times since I got here, and had found the mine by accident, more or less, the second time I did the trail. I tried to do the trail tonight after Rabbit Mountain, but it is very wet once you reach the first marsh. I would recommend that anyone doing it bring a good pair of boots. Great area for birdwatching. Cheers.

  6. Hi, If you are starting from John Street, the quartz mine is down a trail to the right about 400 metres from the parking area. You have to search around for the mine, it is just a hole about five or six feet deep and there isn’t anything to point it out. The google map of the trail shows exactly where it is.

  7. Hi. I have hiked this trail a few times and didn’t know about the mine. I have been on one of the side trails that seemed to go no-where. Does anyone know how to get to the quartz mine remains?

  8. No,I didn’t find the mine,it was getting late and we spent the day in Dorion on a few of the trails you listed,and the mosquito’s were getting bad,but i will definately go out looking again.I did notice a few side trails though so i hope i pick the right side trail.

  9. This was another interesting hike,we will take your advice and go when the leaves are down too,to see the view.
    I’m curious though,was the old car in the bush when you were out there,or is this a new attraction? We took a picture of it and will see if we can find a car buff who may be able to tell what it was,but being as it’s pretty much just a shell,it may remain a mystery.

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