Difficulty: Easy
Roundtrip: 4km
General Location: Thunder Bay, ON

Google map with GPS tracks here.

Mills Block Forest contains a 4 km hiking trail. There is a beaver dam and a few neat benches that people have made along the way. You can get a view of Lake Superior when the leaves are down from the higher spots. My favourite part of this hike is visiting the remains of a quartz mine by taking a little side trail.

Mills Block Forest is located on John Street Road at the corner of Community Hall Road, just ten minutes west of Highway 11/17.  Mills Block is one of a few urban hikes in Thunder Bay.  Some other urban hikes to check out are the Neebing-McIntyre Floodway and Pennock Creek Trail.  If you know of another great urban hike please mention it in the comments below I’d love to check it out!

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I hope you're enjoying the site

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