There is something about viewing a waterfall in a wilderness setting that is so special. Moraine Creek Falls, also known as Talking Falls, located near Dorion is no exception.

Round-trip : 250 m
Difficulty: Moderate (due to steep section)
Location: Dorion, ON

Google Map and directions can be found here.

This hike is not far from Wolf River Falls and a lot of people see both on the same day.

Dorion is located on Highway 11/17 approximately 70km east of Thunder Bay. Moraine Creek falls can be found by traveling another 35km from Highway 11/17 down Fish Hatchery road. You will need a 4×4 vehicle to get to the trailhead.

Two trails can be found from the parking location. There is a short easy trail to the top of the falls that provides some good views. The trail to the bottom of the falls is more difficult because it is steep and mossy. There is a fixed rope in place to assist you with the descent but extra care will be needed.