Orient Bay Palisades

The Palisades trail, also known as the Palisades of the Pijitawabik [PEE-GEE-TUH-WAW-BIK] is a must-do hike for local and visiting hikers providing views from some of the highest points in Northwestern Ontario. The Orient Bay Palisades trail has been created and maintained by the MNR. They have constructed stairs and bridges to protect the terrain from erosion.

Roundtrip: 10km
Difficulty: Difficult
Location: Nipigon, ON

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The trail starts at the parking area and climbs 150m over 1.6 km to the summit of the palisades. The trail then follows along near the edge of the cliff but views are only found at the four lookouts along the way. The trail ends at Cascade Falls. On the return trip following the Browse Lake loop by taking the left-hand fork shortly after heading back on the trail. From the lake continue on to the junction of the main trail and back down the series of stairs to the bottom.

Drive approximately 40 kilometres northeast of Nipigon on Highway 11 turn right at the blue & white highway sign identifying the trail entrance. The parking area is located 200m from the highway.

If you are into geocaching check www.geocaching.com so you can find the geocaches located along this trail. In the winter these Palisades are home to one of the top ice climbing destinations in North America.

8 thoughts on “Orient Bay Palisades”

  1. The lookouts were beautiful but I found it a little disappointing that the big finale, cascade falls, can also be reached with a 5 minute hike from the parking lot a little up the highway from the trailhead. Takes away from the sense of accomplishment at the end of a hike.

  2. thanks did this hike today, and was so amazing. Got to the falls, however water level was low, have to do this another time, otherwise views are amazing and enjoyed it – recommend

  3. Excellent trail with fantastic views, I agree with Jo-Anne that the map is deceiving, the last lookout is only halfway to the falls. Also there is a loop to the lake but you miss all but one of the lookouts on the way back

  4. We did this hike in late sept during the early fall season in nw ontario. The views are spectacular with the bright coloured trees and thumbs up to the MNR for keeping up with trail maintenance and preservation. Awsome hike !!!!!

  5. The falls are located close to the highway and are pristine. It’s well worth the stop if you are in the area. It’s just a short hike up and there you well have to great views and a refreshing spritz of mist off the falls.

  6. Trailhead map is very deceiving. Halfway point is at the last lookout before the Waterfalls. Awesome views. We also seen a Falcon!! Gonna redo this one in the Fall I think it would even more awesome when the leaves change colour!!

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