Spring Hiking

There’s something about spring hiking with the cool breezes and warm sunshine that only spring can provide. If spring has already awakened your hiking spirit, then you are in luck, there are lots of great hiking trails here just waiting to be explored.

Mount Josephine

Mount Josephine is one of the peaks in the Sawtooth Mountains of northeastern Minnesota and is located in the Grand Portage Reservation. Trail Details Roundtrip: 5kmDifficulty: ModerateLocation: Grand Portage, MNClick…

Saunders Lake Tower

I am a big fan of Fire Tower Lookouts and when I heard about the Saunders Lake Tower I just had to go! Round-trip: 2 kmDifficulty: EasyLocation: Thessalon, ON Click…

Mt. Matchett

Mt Matchett on SuperiorHiking.com

Hike to the top of Mt. Matchett through the valley between Mt. Mckay and Mt Matchett. This hike has a very steep climb and is partly off-trail so you will…

Mt Sophie Fire Tower

Mt Sophie Fire Tower on SuperiorHiking.com

Hike to the Mt Sophie tower. It is possible to visit Mt Sophie on the same day as you visit the Mt Maud fire tower. Roundtrip: 3kmDifficulty: ModerateLocation: Grand Portage,…

Neebing-McIntyre Floodway

Neebing McIntyre Floodway SuperiorHiking.com

Roundtrip: 4 kDifficulty: EasyLocation: Thunder Bay, ON Click Here for Google Map Most people in Thunder Bay are aware of the Neebing-McIntyre Floodway but few have walked along the portion…

Batchawana Falls

This is one of those nice out-of-the-way spots that not many people have been to. Round-trip: 1kmDifficulty: EasyLocation: Batchawana Bay, ON Click here for a google map of the route….