Pennock Creek Trail

Pennock Creek Trail is more popularly known as the 25th Side Road Tree Farm. It’s one of those places you drive by all the time without realizing that there is such a big green area just out of sight.

Roundtrip: 5km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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Drive west on Arthur Street until you cross the train overpass then turn left onto 25th Side Road. Drive .9km and turn right into the parking area just before you come to Veradale Street. There is also another parking area on the right just past Veradale Street at the main MNR buildings. You can get onto the trail from either parking lot.

You can follow the white and green Pennock Creek Trail signs or you can choose your own route through the maze of rows that make up the tree farm. The Pennock Creek Trail features the Pennock Creek itself, benches, bridges, a dam, a butterfly garden and interpretive signs.

18 thoughts on “Pennock Creek Trail”

  1. Unleasead dog and dog poop everywhere. Me and my friends were attacked by dogs. Great trial to walk but if you have cynophobia do not go there.

  2. Although it is clearly marked that dogs need to be leashed, most are not. However the biggest problem is the owners who?s entitled attitudes prevail here. I will bring pepper spray on my next visit as I was charged 5 times in 30 minutes by unleashed dogs.

  3. Just because you feel your dog has the right to run free doesn?t mean you can trample on other peoples rights. We used to enjoy frequent walks there BUT WE DON?T GO THERE ANY MORE BECAUSE OF ALL THE LOOSE DOGS. What about our rights? I was bitten twice. This is meant to be a walking area for all to enjoy, not a dog park. Not to mention poop on the ground or in little plastic bags left on the ground or worse, tossed up into the trees.

  4. This area is not a dog park. It’s owned by the MNRF, provincial government. They are nice enough to allow the public to walk there. If you bring a dog make sure you don’t allow it to run up to people and other dogs without express consent. Common sense.
    This used to be a nice quiet place for local people in the area to go. Now that it’s become more widely know people come out thinking its some kind of public park or dog park. It’s not! Please treat it with respect or they will likely close it off to everyone. New.gates have already been installed to make this easier to do.

  5. The signs are mainly there just in case there happens to be an aggressive dog and attacks someone or their dog- that case, the owners of the land can’t get in trouble.
    Obviously they don’t care TOO much about off-leash dogs since the rules aren’t enforced, they just have a sign so they can’t get in sh*t.

    Let dogs run free and burn off energy. My dogs and I live in the city, with a fenced-in yard, and this is the only close place where it’s safe for dogs to be off-leash.
    Go somewhere else with your poor leashed dog.

  6. I too have had dogs and walked them all over the Thunder Bay area. However there is clearly a sign that says dogs must be on leash. It also says ‘no smoking’, ‘no fires’ etc. Perhaps we shouldn’t obey those signs either and start a forest fire…

    Everyone should just follow the rules. Some people are scared of dogs. If someone is visiting for the first time then they would not know that it has been taken over by dog owners disobeying the laws. Its a shame that it has to get to the point that we use this board to complain.

    I do want to add a positive note that I love the trails. I just discovered them a couple of weeks ago. What a treasure! My hubby is very afraid of dogs however and he didn’t enjoy the excursion as much as I did. I went to work the next day and told everyone about this little secret garden. I grew up in Current River and didn’t know it existed.

  7. This hiking trail has an obvious reputation of off-leash dogs, what I don’t get is why people complain about it if it’s not unknown?

    This place is the closest area to the city where dogs are able to run and be free without fences.
    It would be nice for dogs and dog owners to have just one large and beautiful trail to take their dogs off-leash to explore, run and burn energy, or meet other dogs.
    This is 1 out of 100+ hiking trails- or is that too much to ask for?

    People who are complaining and threatening owners who let their dogs off-leash should consider going to other hiking trails where the law (leashed dogs) are actually enforced. Win-win?

    If your dog has issues with other dogs, why take it there?
    If YOU have issues with dogs, don’t go there.
    If you don’t want dogs going up to your leashed dog, don’t go there.
    If you’re worried about dog attacks, don’t go there.
    Easy solutions to first world problems.

  8. Too many off leash dogs make this an unpleasant trail for me. I saw 19 latte dogs on my walk, one was on a leash. On my next visit I carry a stick. Not to hit the dogs, but their owners who disrespect me by not controlling their animal.

  9. I’d like to know how people expect dogs to get their proper exercise while leashed? They’re designed to run. Not walk. Maybe unleash your dogs so that way they won’t feel vulnerable. Let them socialize with other dogs. Dogs need that sort of social behavior. I have two dogs that are unleashed and they say hi and sometimes play with certain dogs and then we are back on our way walking the rest of the trails. I’ve seen a woman pushing a baby carriage with two pugs in it…my dogs obviously smelled the dogs and wanted to say hi. The woman freaked and started yelling at my dogs and trying to shush them away…really? Tell you what. For people who only want to leash their dogs for a casual walk, stay in town. Avoid wilderness areas where there tends to be bears, wolves and lynx. Just food for thought.

  10. Well we just returned and pretty stressful. This place should be renamed “The unleashed dog park/Pennock trail!” When my dog gets rushed by several loose animals it doesn’t look pretty. I really want to know if this is area has leash laws. Hundreds of dogs running loose. My poor lab was one of the few that wasn’t. I can’t find the rules and regulations regarding the running of loose dogs. But if there is one, the authorities are clearly turning a blind eye to it. I won’t be returning anytime soon because of this. It has left me with a sour taste mostly to the irresponsible dog owners who’s poorly trained animals get the run of this somewhat beautiful place. A shame really….

  11. My family will be visiting this place for the first time with our 1 year old lab. As always, I am fearful of other dog attacks. I will be carrying a big stick on today’s walk! I’ll be looking out for this unleashed crazed Shepard and it will get a crack on the head if it so much as growls at my baby.

  12. Watch out for an insane German Shepherd (small mostly dark in colour not on a leash) being “trained” by his idiot owners there. My puppy went to say hello and was greated with a bite leaving a puncture on my dog. If your dog is unstable please do not bring them to the tree farm. Friendly dogs only no one wants to see a dog die because of bad ownership. Thanks.

  13. My absolute favourite place ever!! My dog and I used to love hiking there every night after my classes were done.

  14. I lived in Thunder Bay for 3 years and the tree farm was my absolute favorite place. My dogs and I loved it. My fiance even proposed to me there under the beautiful trees:)

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