Pigeon River Trail

The Pigeon River Trail is located in the La Verendrye Provincial Park waterway park that runs all the way from Quetico to Lake Superior.

Round-trip: 5 km +
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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I went on this hike with the Thunder Bay Hiking Association. Hiking with these folks always reminds me of what an enjoyable social experience hiking can be. This is a beautiful hike along the river any time of year, but be aware there are some sections where you walk very close to the edges and could take quite a fall on a slippery day. Also, this area is plagued by ticks during the times of the year when they are out.

The Pigeon River Trail is a trail the Thunder Bay Hiking Association has been working to reopen for several years. From what I am told this trail has been in existence for many years but was not maintained and it had mostly grown in by the time the Thunder Bay Hiking Association began to work on opening it up again. I understand that the Thunder Bay Hiking Association might have plans to eventually open this trail up from the Old Pigeon River Border Crossing all the way to Fort Charlotte. There has been much work done, but there is still lots to do. Currently, the trail is hard to find in places where the club has not yet been able to do the proper maintenance and flagging work. So make sure you are prepared to turn back when the trail becomes too difficult to follow.

The Pigeon River Trail is located in La Verendrye Provincial Park. La Verendrye is a waterway provincial park that stretches from Quetico Provincial Park through Lake Saganaga, up the Pine River, across the Height of Land Portage, then down the Pigeon River to Pigeon River Provincial Park on Lake Superior. Imagine being able to thru-hike that whole way!

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  1. It was a great hike, but I would strongly recommend not going during peak tick season unless you’re VERY prepared. We got about and hour and a half in until we couldn’t reliably follow the path anymore and turned back.

  2. I hiked it this weekend. I could only get about an hour in because of snow blocking my way on a rather steep hill. The trail is in great condition, but I would wait a few weeks until the remaining snow melts.

  3. Hi JR, the best way to get more info on this hike might be through the Thunder Bay Hiking Association at tbha.ca as this is one of the trails that they maintain.

  4. Did this hike in 2017. Lots of fun. Just off old Border Road. just wondering if any recently hiked this at all. ? How far can u go on the trail? i followed it all way to Arrow River road and i think trail goes to another part of the river? any one recent here?

  5. Would it be possible for me to use some of these pictures in a report that I am writing for the Trans Canada Trails. ?



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