Pincushion Mountain Lookout Trail

The next time you are in Grand Marais, MN take the hike to the lookout on Pincushion Mountain.

Roundtrip: 6km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Grand Marais, MN

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This is a perfect afternoon or evening hike. From the Pincushion Lookout, you will have views over Lake Superior, the Devil Track River, and the town of Grand Marais.

The Pincushion Lookout trail is part of the Pincushion Mountain Trail System that includes 25km of trails. The Pincushion trail also connects with the Superior Hiking Trail.

From Grand Marais, MN turn west onto the Gunflint Trail for 3 miles and watch for the signs for Pincushion Mountain on the right. Park in the parking lot. The trail starts next to the trailhead sign.

7 thoughts on “Pincushion Mountain Lookout Trail”

  1. My wife and I just took this hike, as the fall colors were at their peak. We both said the panoramic view from the lookout is the most spectacular view of fall colors we’d ever seen. Well worth it!

  2. We were at the trailhead parking lot and when we looked in the general direction of downtown of Grand Marais, I’d swear we could see land on the horizon. Is it possible to see the UP from that parking lot?

  3. Hi Kate,
    I do think this can be done with an off road stroller, but it’s kind of dangerous for kids once you are on top because of the rounded slope of the rock.

  4. Is this hike something that can be done with an off road stroller?? Just wondering if it is a kid friendly hike??Thanks!

  5. Wow, very worth while. Continuing our visit to the north Shore, we hiked the 1.7 miles to this great lookout. It was our first hike in the morning, nice and cool to start. We met several other hikers of all ages,plus a through hiker coming down from Grand Portage. We almost missed the sign for the spur trail to the lookout, I guess just not paying attention and enjoying the trail. The hike was moderate considering the elevation at the trail head, you do rise near the end. If you are in the area this is a hike you must do.

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