This stop along the highway near Rosseau Island had a shoreline that was very fun to explore with lots of interesting water caves, rock formations, and a good view from the cliff.

Round-trip: 2 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location:  Pancake Bay

Click Here for Google Map of the route.

I don’t really know anything about this trail, so this entry is a work in progress. I am hoping that someone reading this will be able to help out by providing more information.

I was first attracted to this place because of the cliff over the water that you can see from the highway.  I pulled over to bushwhack to it and found that there was a nice trail along the shoreline here. I thought maybe that it was part of the Voyageur Trail or some other park trail but could not find it on any maps. The only thing I could find was that the name of the island just off the shore is Rosseau Island.  If you know this place and know the proper name of the cove or better yet the trail, please comment below to let me know.

From Sault Ste Marie, Ontario,  drive 85km north on highway 17.   About 10km past Pancake Bay Provincial Park you will see a sign for Lake Superior Arts.  Drive 1 km past the sign and park to the north of the last driveway in the group of houses after the Lake Superior Arts driveway.  Walk into the forest on the lakeside of the road and you will soon find a well-used trail that follows the shoreline.  Follow the trail as far as you can to the north (right) without trespassing on anyone’s property. You should be able to go at least a kilometre. We walked the shoreline almost the whole time and only took the trail in the places where the shoreline was too difficult.