Silver Harbour Conservation Area

Silver Harbour Conservation Area provides year-round public access to Lake Superior. At first impression, it does not seem like there is much here — just a boat launch and picnic site. But further exploration you will find a rocky beach, a quarry, trails, rock climbing, and you might even find the cave.

Round-trip: 2 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Thunder Bay

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From Thunder Bay, drive east along Lakeshore Drive to Silver Harbour Rd. Turn right (south) on this road and follow the signs.

From the big parking lot head west and walk toward the boat launch area, then continue straight past the launch until you reach a cobble beach. Follow the trail along the shoreline out to the tip of the break-wall then loop back to the boat launch.

From here continue east past the parking lot and along a trail that heads through some large boulders then up to a lookout over Lake Superior on a small cliff. People sometimes jump off this cliff into Lake Superior.

Continue along the trail to a quarry. The stone from this quarry was used over 50 years ago in the construction of the breakwater in the Thunder Bay Harbour. Follow the trail along the shore past the quarry until you see the edge of someone’s property and turn back. Before there were residential lots developed here, I used to enjoy walking along this rocky shoreline all the way to the point. Return the way you came until you reach the parking lot.

If you’d like to find the small cave, walk north on Silver Harbour Road from the parking area and take the first road to your right (east). There is no parking allowed along this road so make sure you walk here. Find the trail on the north side of the road and follow it up to the base of the cliffs. This is a very popular rock climbing area. Follow the trail along the base of the cliffs and look for the small cave tucked into a corner.

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  1. Went there today and its absolutely beautiful can wait to try fishing there if allowed will go back time and time again

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