Like many hikers I make a tick list of hikes I intend to do each season. This summer I wasn’t able to tick off all the hikes on my list because I spent several outings searching for a place called “The River under the Rock” that I had heard about from an old-timer.

To my disappointment the old-timer’s memory was not so good.  He described the “river under the rock” as a very interesting place where you could see a river flowing under a big rock. He said it was amazing and they used to go fishing there all the time.  To my frustration I still have not been able to find this spot.

For some crazy reason I thought I’d be able to find it despite the fact that I have very vague details about its location:  it is somewhere near Ouiment Canyon, it is near an old farm stead, and it is near a power line.  I know this isn’t much to go on, and there is a good chance it isn’t near a power line,  an old farm or even in Dorion! But I have had some fun adventures looking for it and a couple of times I really thought I was going to find it!

If anyone knows of a place like this, please let me know.  I won’t be able to rest until I have seen “the river under the rock” for myself!

(Oct 26, 2009)

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