The Sea Lion

The Sea Lion is a fantastic spot to bring tourists. The Sea Lion Trail is often hiked as a side-trip on the way to or from Tee Harbour.

Round-trip: 2 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Pass Lake, ON

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The Sea Lion itself is a diabase dyke that has been left behind after the sedimentary rocks in which it crystallized eroded away. It juts out 15 metres into Lake Superior at Perry Bay just northwest of Silver Islet. The wave action of Lake Superior has cut a small tunnel in the formation. Before the 1900s, when the Sea Lion got its name, it better resembled a sea lion sitting and looking out into Perry Bay. Since then the lion’s head has fallen off but the name has remained. Informative signs along the trail to the sea lion suggest that at some point it will succumb to the same fate as the Tettegouche Arch.

From Thunder Bay, travel East on Hwy 11/17. At the Pass Lake truck stop turn right onto Highway 587 and follow it for about 36 km past the Lake Mary Louise campground entrance to the Kabeyun Trail parking area on the right-hand side just before Silver Islet. The trail begins in the parking lot area.

Follow the signed trail for about 700m to the trailhead for the Sea Lion Trail. There are some small steep sections along this part of the trail. The viewing area has several informative signs on the formation of the Sea Lion.

8 thoughts on “The Sea Lion”

  1. Great hike, and also many more on nanabijou, but would like to see the 1800’s drawing or “picture ? ” attached to this website.
    With the head, before it eroded and fell into the lake.
    Amazing park…so thankful to live in Thunder Bay.
    Those who know love it.
    To all others.
    It’s terrible. Stay away. I’m greedy and want it all to myself. Lol

  2. I did this hike a few weeks ago and it was a great hike, but I would change the difficulty from easy to moderate because some downed trees block the trail so you have to climb some pretty steep rocks to keep going.

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  5. An easy hike to be able to see this iconic landmark. Great photo opportunity! It is a hike that can be tacked on to longer hikes in the area if desired. We did Middlebrun and the Sea Lion in the same day.

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