Top of Mt McKay

This is a Thunder Bay classic. If you are a hiker from Thunder Bay if this isn’t already be ticked off on your list, get out and hike to the top of Mt Mckay now!

Round-trip: 2 km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

Click here for google map.

Drive to the Mt McKay Scenic Lookout. After you pass through the toll gate, watch for a gravel parking area on the left before the paved parking lot area and park here. The trail starts in the gravel area. Follow the trail around the base of the south face of Mt. McKay. The trail will turn right and take you up the eastern face of the mountain.

The views of Lake Superior and the city are amazing. There are also some plants that are uncommon in the Thunder Bay area such as sugar maple, yellow birch, poison ivy, and dwarfed jack pine. Follow the trail that takes you around the top and return the way you went up.

9 thoughts on “Top of Mt McKay”

  1. Thanks for your comment David. I’ve been in that cave and there was a ladder too that was too old to climb anymore. It was a fun adventure for sure!

  2. I want up the mountain on the side cables on 30 plus years ago.

    There were caves in the mountains with pictures of spaceman in it.

    Went back down the other side where the shale was

  3. That’s a good point Tom. I had no idea it was regarded as sacred property and I wish it was advertised as such – by our city. I doubt Superior Hiking knew about this.

    It’s always been regarded as another Thunder Bay landmark like the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park that anyone can visit and hiking as they please.

  4. It would be nice if the Superior Hiking club would contact FWFN for permission to advertise people to go hiking on private and sacred property. The City of Thunder Bay advertises people to go on the mountain but this mountain is the same as Ayres Rock in Australia. I feel people should respect as such. The people of Australia respect Ayres rock as sacred place as all people should respect Anemki Wajuh mountain range in the same regard.

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