Trap Rock

The Trap Rock Trail takes you to a high rocky overlook for incredible views of the St Marys River, Squirrel Island, and Lake George. The trail is not long but it climbs pretty high over a short distance, and the views are worth it!

Round-trip: 2 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Location: Garden River, ON
Map: Click here for Google map of route

The trailhead sign describes the fascinating history of the area. The sign says that this area is the final resting place for people who were buried in hidden caves. It says that the ancestors of the local peoples were hiding women, children, and elders in caves from warriors during a Mohawk raid. But the Mohawks caused a landslide that trapped them in the caves forever!

From Sault Ste. Marie, drive east on Hwy 17B through Garden River for about 20km and turn left onto Echo River Road. Follow Echo River Road as it heads north and then turns east before it passes underneath Hwy 17. Right after you cross under the highway you will see the sign for the Trap Rock Parking area. Turn left (west) into the parking area and park.

You will see the trailhead sign right in the parking area. Follow the trail that is just to the right of the sign. There are trail markers as well as some pink flag tape. It is steep in places as it heads uphill to the north and then at the top, you will head west onto the bare rock. In total, you will ascend approximately 650 ft.  Try to follow the flagging tape as you work your way toward the views over the highway. Explore the amazing views in every direction, before heading back down the way you came up.

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