Trowbridge Falls is a local favourite. In the heat of the summer, it is a great spot to wade in the water and cool off. During the winter it is a popular location for cross country skiing. And according to local legend, the park is haunted.

Roundtrip: 3.5 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Thunder Bay, ON

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Trowbridge Falls (or Troll-Bridge as my daughter calls it) is a conservation area located on an area of rapids on the Current River, across from Centennial Park. It is connected to Centennial Park by a bridge, allowing access to trails in Centennial Park. It is also connected to the Cascades Conservation Area to the north.

Turn off Highway 17 onto Coppenhagen Road then turn left into Kinsmen Park and park in the main parking lot. The hike starts at Kinsmen Park and then into Trowbridge Falls and onto the Trans Canada Trail and loops back to the starting point. Check the above map for the route.