Trowbridge Falls

Trowbridge Falls is a local favourite. In the heat of the summer, it is a great spot to wade in the water and cool off. During the winter it is a popular location for cross country skiing.

Trail Details

Roundtrip: 3.5 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Thunder Bay, ON
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Directions to Trailhead

Turn off Highway 17 onto Copenhagen Road then turn left into Kinsmen Park and park in the main parking lot. The hike starts at Kinsmen Park and then into Trowbridge Falls and onto the Trans Canada Trail and loops back to the starting point. Check the above map for the route.

Trowbridge Falls Hike Details

Trowbridge Falls (or Troll-Bridge as my daughter calls it) is a park managed by the city of  Thunder Bay and is located on an area of rapids on the Current River, across from Centennial Park. It is connected to Centennial Park by a bridge, allowing access to trails in Centennial Park. It is also connected to the Cascades Conservation Area to the north.

8 thoughts on “Trowbridge Falls”

  1. We camped there for 1 week. We never knew it was haunted. Through-out our stay we heard things all night. We heard giggles outside the tent, and no one was out there. We would go right out right away so we would see someone running away or catch them out side the tent. IT would be right outside the tent. My daughter and her boyfriend went for a bike ride late in the evening, and my daughter and her bf both saw something running behind them in the shadows and a giggle. They came straight back freaked out , and after that no longer went anywhere without all of us together.

  2. kay… i went to trowbridge with some friends tonight and there was two trucks, one that is mine and one is my friends! we parked them facing the feild, we took a walk down to the swingset and we saw figures walking through the field and no one else was there but the 5 of us! we started to walk back because we got really creeped out and when we got back to the trucks my truck was turned sideways! there was no handprints on it no nothing. no one hit it because there was no marks. we didnt see a athing that happened, didnt hear anything at all. we went back again and parked the same way as we did and my truck was sideways when we got back to it after walking through the campground! try explainin that one!!!!!!

  3. The bridge leading from Trowbridge to Centennial is closed and has been since the summer. Any idea when it may be re-opened?

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