Wolf River Falls

These waterfalls are fun to visit at any time of year. You can usually walk right up to the falls and even in behind them.

Roundtrip: 1 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Location: Dorion, ON

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The Upper Wolf River Falls are located near Dorion. From highway 17, take Fish Hatchery Road West and follow it for 6 km staying on Fish Hatchery Road through three right turns. After 6 km take a right onto Wolf Lake Road and follow it for 20km. You will pass Wolf Lake, and cross three bridges.

After the third bridge (over the Upper Wolf River), take the “road” to the right. This is a two-track road that is in decent shape. Follow this for 2.25 km. The trail starts at a point where the road bends to the left. The road is wider at this point, and there is space to park on the right. There are no signs.

The trail is to your right and goes down to the rim of the gorge. When you reach the rim, take a left. After about 2km you will see the beginning of the descent into the gorge. It is a steep, natural stairway. This only gets you part of the way down. The trail continues to the left and right. The right will lead you to the top of the falls. The left will lead you to a wooden ladder and some ropes that will help you make your descent into the gorge.

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  1. October 2016:

    Beautiful falls, I have now visited in both the spring and the fall, both times have amazed me. The only upset is that it seems to have become a place to drink… be cautious of broken glass as you decend to the base of the falls.

  2. One of my favorite places to go!
    The directions are completely accurate,but don’t dismiss the advice about the pot holes. The first time I was there was last summer in a small kia, I was going too fast while hitting one and ended up blowing my exhaust and having to turn around to get it fixed. But once I was more mindful of my speed and surroundings the drive was a breeze.
    The directions are completely accurate!

  3. Few little things. Wolf river road has pretty big potholes right off the bat, but don’t worry, they never get any worse. Just be careful.

    The lake is about halfway there (has beautiful overhanging cliffs I might add, with a boat launch). The bridges all show up toward the end of the 35 km. The directions are accurate.

    After you reach the edge of the gorge it’s more like 0.2 kms over to the falls trailhead, not 2kms. It’s easy to figure that out though. There’s a small campsite, the trail runs out, and you can clearly hear the roar of the falls.

    Oh, and the falls are AWESOME!

  4. I was just there today and it was easy accessible with a car, also found moraine falls today for the first time as I didn’t know about this site until now was just going off stories my mom told me about going there when she was a kid. Both very nice, you should have a truck or suv for moraine falls

  5. I plan on going to the falls in a few weeks, early july, 2016. Has anyone been there recently with a car, its got 4/4 just wondering on road conditions.

  6. Just went out there today (we did Talking Falls first) and we LOVED it. In mid-September I was able to brave standing under the falls and swam in the pool. Our 7 year old managed with our careful supervision the climbing down the ladder and using the rope, so it is difficult but do able.
    I’ve found lots of great hikes through this site, so wanted to say thanks!

  7. Hi there. Looking to get to Talking Falls. Hear it is called Moraine Creek Falls. We went past Wolf River Falls and saw the turn off on the left for Talking Falls. Eventually came to some really DEEP puddles on the road. Am I to assume this is still the way. We just need to go further?? Any help will do.


  8. Sorry for my late reply, I hope that you have already found out that your dog can make it down the slope and swim in the pool at the bottom of the falls 🙂

  9. Hi there!

    We were thinking of visiting these falls this weekend ..we have a lab that loves to hike …is the hike down too steep for a dog? And once you are at the falls is the water calm enough for a dog to swim in ??

    Thank you!!!

  10. Just a sidenote….

    A 90’s Jetta, or anything other than an SUV or truck would leave you stranded in any significant snowfall, or a winter like last year’s! So more often than not, a car in winter or during a heavy rainfall is nit the best choice. This year, of course, was an exception with the small amount of snow thus far.

    People..you love nature and go here but you leave your garbage behind..really?? Grow up and keep it with you and tell your kids beforehand they must as well. It’s all about respect.

    Also, just saying..for someone operating this website. .aptly entitled “superiorhiking”, one would think you’d have more current knowledge when questions are posed, or at least reach out to those regular hikers you surely must know to obtain information before posting an “I don’t really know” type of reply.

  11. My friend and I are looking for a place to go camping and fishing. This place looks really neat and I would love to visit! Is there room to set up a tent, and do you know if there are fish in the river, and room to swim at this location?

  12. Last time I went here you didn’t need a 4WD to get there, but I haven’t been there in a little while, so I can’t say for sure.

  13. I’ve been going to this area for years and I love these falls – the prettiest I’ve ever seen. I’m very afraid of heights but have conquered my fears several times to see the beauty that awaits me at the bottom. There has been an increase in garbage over the years (nothing excessive though) but we clean up what we can when we go. I highly recommend this hike.

  14. Hi Jay, Some years the roads are plowed further than other years, there are usually snowmobile tracks to follow but you will likely need to snowshoe a few extra km to get there.

  15. Have hiked to this wonderful place in summer so I know the aspects of the trail but how accessible is it in winter? Thanks.

  16. Hiked the falls yesterday, second time in as many years.Awesome spot! A word of warning, the rope at the ladder is wearing pretty thin from rubbing on the rocks. Planned to bring a backup rope but, of course, left it hanging in the garage in our rush to get out there. Fifty feet of rope would do it if anyone’s heading there.It might be re-rigged but my knots suck. Love your website.

  17. I have been going to these falls for about 35 years.
    Sadly with the increased traffic at the falls, I have seen it go downhill.
    The last time I was there, I found graffiti on the rock walls. Some people are just not very smart.
    While I am glad more people are enjoying the area, I would have rather seen it remain largely unknown.

  18. My parents took me and my siblings to this falls when we were young. For a long time, we didn’t know the name of the falls other than “Secret Falls”, but thanks to your site, we now know the actual name and directions to the place. We will be visiting the falls sometime this summer. Thanks again for the site. It inspired my family to hike around Thunder Bay, other than the common places like at Sleeping Giant. Thanks!

  19. Hi Amii these are my fav falls next to Moraine Creek Falls. I hope it isn’t too long before I get back to see them again too!

  20. Will have to say, these are one of my favorite falls. Have been there three times now and can’t wait to visit again.

  21. This really was an enjoyable hike.
    Will be going back often.Thanks for posting the direction’s to this and all other sites.

  22. Thanks for this info. Aside from some garbage left at the top of the natural stairs, the trail was beautiful and the falls were awesome. The trail from the bend in the road seemed shorter than posted. We appreciate your site. Cheers.

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