Bridalveil Falls

This is Michigan’s tallest waterfall at almost 48 meters (157 ft). These falls are best seen in the early spring as the water flow dwindles to a trickle during the summer.

Roundtrip: 8km

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Munising, MI

Map: Click Here for Google Map

The name of these falls comes from the way water looks like a veil as it flows down the sloped rock face.

The easiest way to see these falls, is from the observation platform at Miners Castle. Looking northeast from the platform you can see Bridalveil falls in the distance. Intrepid hikers can get a closer look by walking about 3km (2 miles) along the Lakeshore Trail from Miners Castle. This route is not usually recommended because of the dangerous cliffs in the area.

The best way to view Bridalveil falls is by taking a boat tour from Munising.

Directions: To get to Miners Castle, go east from Munising MI on H-58 for about 7km (4.5 miles) to Miners Castle Road. Turn north onto Miners Castle Road and go about 8km (5 miles) to the parking area at the end.

Nearby hikes include Miners Falls, Spray Falls, and Grand Portal Point. These falls are also mentioned in the Waterfalls of Michigan, and 199 Michigan Waterfalls guidebooks.

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