About Superior Hiking

Superior Hiking

To me they’re not hikes…they’re adventures.

My name is Susie and I have a passion for hiking.  When people learn this about me, the first thing they always say is:  “I’d love to get out hiking, but I just don’t know where to go.”  This online trail guide is my attempt to answer that question.

I cover the well known trails, and I try to also include the little known trails that will take you to amazing places you didn’t even know existed right in your own back yard!  I hope as you look through the list of hikes found here that they will encourage you to get out and have an adventure of your own!

Back in 2008 this site started out as an insider’s guide to hiking in the Thunder Bay area.  But so much has happened since then, I’ve moved to Sault Ste. Marie and the scope has expanded to include trails all around Lake Superior.  I have to say that the best thing that has happened as a result of starting this site has been the opportunities I’ve had to meet others who share my passion for the outdoors.

I am so grateful for all of the fantastic opportunities that I never would have had without such great support from the readers of this site!  Your enthusiasm and generosity was unexpected, but is appreciated.  I can’t thank you all enough!


Please let me know

  • If this site has inspired you to get out on a hike please post a comment I’d love to hear about your experiences!
  • If there is a trail you would like to see added to the site please let me know via the comment form found on every page.
  • I do hike each of these trails shortly before posting them, so if you have questions or need more information please ask.   There is a comment form located at the end of every post and you are likely not the only one who needs the information.
  • Also, please be sure to share with your fellow hikers any updates regarding the trails  –I can’t possibly keep the trail information current without your help!!

I hope you're enjoying the site

I hope you're enjoying the site

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