St Kateri Loop

This 4.5 km loop falls partly on the Dr. Paul Syme section of the Voyageur Trail, and partly on the St. Kateri Outdoor Learning Centre trails (formerly Camp Korah). Dr. Paul Syme was one of the founders of the Voyageur Trail Association. St. Kateri is an outdoor learning centre that has a 180-acre parcel of land at the top of Goulais Avenue.

Round-trip: 4.5 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Sault Ste. Marie, ON

Click Here for Google Map of the Route

Park at the side of the road at the top of Goulais Ave across from St. Kateri. Don’t park in the St. Kateri parking lot as the gates can be closed and locked any time of the day and your vehicle could get locked in.

Hike west across the field in front of the St. Kateri buildings until you pick up the Voyageur Trail’s white blazes and follow these for 500m. Take the trail to the right at the big intersection and follow it heading west until you reach the creek and beaver pond, this part of the trail is unmarked. Make sure you have a map with you as there are several hiking, snowshoe and snowmobile trails here and it is easy to get going the wrong way. Head back from the creek taking the trail to the right that will follow along a ridge before heading back to the intersection of the Voyageur Trail and the St. Kateri Trails. From here go back the way you came past the buildings to Goulais Avenue.

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