Trail Difficulty: Moderate

Trail Distance: 10 km loop

General Location: Nipigon, ON

Google Map and GPS tracks here.

Cash Creek is great for a snowshoe hike.? This loop trail winds through old growth pine forest, and along an abandoned railroad track to an old train bridge.? There is one steep gully and you will need to cross the creek carefully.? The bridge is no longer in use and provides?some nice views while you take a break before heading back.

From Thunder Bay drive toward Nipigon on highway 11/17.? Drive past the turn off to Nipigon and drive over the bridge.? Turn left at highway 11 and drive approximately 20 km and look for a parking area on the west side of the highway.? From the parking area you need to hike?toward the south?beside the highway for about 700m before you get to the trailhead.? You will come out of the trail right near the parking area.
Cash Creek

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I hope you're enjoying the site

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