Heyden Lakes Snowshoe

This snowshoe route takes you through a forest trail with a few hilly sections as well as over the ice on some small lakes. It is a 7km loop, but you can also opt for a shorter 4km loop.

Round-trip: 7km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Sault Ste Marie, ON

Click here for Map of Route

I have done this hike a few times now with two different groups and on my own. The hike runs mostly on snowmobile trails, and over the lakes, but there are portions where you will need your snowshoes.

The trail starts on the southeast corner of the parking area near the end of Make Lake Road. Follow the snowmobile trail heading generally south-east for 1.4km. At this junction take the trail to the north (left). Continue heading northeast for another kilometre and you will get to a junction. Taking the trail to the north will bring you on the 4k route, continuing on to the north-east is the 7km route. Keep heading north-east another 1.4 km where the trail takes a jog to the south before coming around to the north-west and onto a narrow bay of Finn Lake. Walk on the ice of the bay as it heads north-west through a narrows and then go west as you get into the bigger part of Finn Lake. You are now on your way back.

Find the trail at the south-west corner of the lake. There is a hill to climb to get up and over onto Red Rock Lake. Cross the ice of Red Rock lake continuing south-west and find the trail again in the south-west corner of the lake. This time there is a pretty steep hill to climb as you cross over onto Maki Lake. Cross the ice on Maki Lake staying to the north shore. You will cross the narrow channel between a little island and the north shore of the lake before you get to the trail at the north-west corner of the lake. Again there is a hill to climb before you descend onto Make Lake Road and back to the parking area.

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