Distance: 8km

Difficulty:  Moderate

Location: Iron Bridge, ON

Click here for Google Map of the Route.

Hike from Melwel Road to Iron Bridge on this scenic section of the Voyageur Trail and the Trans-Canada Trail, which follows the Mississagi River for much of the way.

This is a section hike, which means you are hiking one part of a longer trail system.  On this type of hike you go from one access point to another access point along the trail.   Often on section hikes, you can arrange a shuttle to pick you up or drop you off.  This section is a bit remote so there is no shuttle available here –so it would be a good to have two cars and park one at each end of the section you are hiking.

This  section has lots of beautiful forest and river scenery to enjoy, as well as lookouts over the river valley and Warnock Lake.

Melwel Road

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I hope you're enjoying the site

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