Little Trout Ice Hike

The Little Trout Ice Hike goes across the ice of Little Trout Bay through a trail that is usually only accessible by boat in summer, to Big Trout Bay where the big Lake Superior waves crash in year-round.

Trail Difficulty: Difficult
Trail Distance: 3 km linear
General Location: Thunder Bay, ON

Google Map and GPS tracks here.

Being able to walk across the ice to get to places that have no summer trail is one of my favourite things about winter hiking. This route goes across the ice of Little Trout Bay through a trail usually accessed by boat in summer to Big Trout Bay where big waves crash in year-round.

Disclaimer -Do at your own risk.  Walking across the ice is not for beginners. You need to have experience and knowledge before you walk on the ice.  You must use your own judgment to determine if the ice is safe and know what to do if someone does go through the ice. You will also need to use a compass or GPS to navigate across the ice if it begins to snow or if the wind comes up and you can no longer see the other side of the bay.

To get to Little Trout Bay Conservation Area travel 45 minutes south on Highway 61 to Little Trout Bay Road, turn left and follow the road seven minutes to the Conservation Area. Park at the boat launch.

From the boat launch head across the ice to the trail that is located directly across from the boat launch. The trailhead is marked with flag tape and heads steeply upward for the first section and then levels out the rest of the way to the beach. You will be able to hear the thunderous crashing of the waves from Big Trout Bay as you near the end of the trail and come out on the beach. Return the way you came.

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