Ottertail Lake Overlook

This hike takes you to the top of rocky hills for gorgeous views of Ottertail Lake and the best time to come is in the fall!

Round-Trip: 2km
Difficulty: Difficult
Location: Bruce Mines, ON

Map: Click Here for Google Map of Route

This adventure will take you to the top of rocky hills for gorgeous views of Ottertail Lake. As you can see from my pictures, the best time to come is in the fall! But make sure you don’t come here when it is even the least bit wet, as the lichen-covered rock here is super slippery and dangerous. There is no marked trail, so you are on your own to find your way. You could do this hike on the same day as the Maple Grove Cross hike.

From Bruce Mines drive north on Hwy 638 for 12km. Turn left onto Nethery Road. Park out of the way near the cemetery so you are not in the way of big trucks going into the gravel pit at the end of the road.

Start walking west toward the gate at the end of Nethery Road. Walk around the gate and you will see that you are on the Voyageur Trail flagged with white markers. Follow this trail staying left for about 150m. The Voyageur Trail will take a turn to the right (north), but instead, you will keep going straight toward the gravel pit. You know you are going the right way when you see a shack at the side of the trail.

The shack is the last of the actual trail for this route. Somewhere between the shack and the hole of blasted rock in the gravel pit, start making your way to the right (north) scrambling up the bare rock to the top. Since there are no trails here, you are on your own to explore all the amazing views at the top. I suggest heading toward the west until you are overlooking Ottertail Lake. Then making your way north along the edge of the rock to get as many views as possible before circling back and heading down the way you came up.

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