Saxon Falls

The Saxon Falls waterfall cascades 90 feet over several drops into a very deep gorge.  It is best to visit this hidden gem in the spring during the run-off to see the falls at their peak.

At a Glance:

Roundtrip: 1km
Difficulty: Moderate
Location: Saxon, WI
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Directions to Trailhead

The Saxon Falls are located 23 km northwest of Hurley Wisconsin at the site of a dam and power plant.  While the falls are located right on the border between Wisconsin and Michigan the overlook can only be accessed safely from the Wisconsin side of the Montreal River.

  • From Hurley Wisconsin drive about 18km west on US-2, turn north onto WI County Road B. and drive for 4 km.
  • Here County Road B will curve to the west, do not follow the curve.  Instead, continue north and stay on the unpaved Saxon Falls Road.  You should see a sign that says you are heading toward Saxon Falls Dam.
  • Park in the parking lot near the powerhouse.
  • The trail will be to the right (east) of the powerhouse. Follow the unmarked but clearly worn trail to the overlook.

Hike Information

Saxon Falls are next to the flow station. On foot, follow the short, wooded hiking trail to the east of the parking area, which leads to the overlook.  These falls are big and impressive when the water is high.

Most of the trail is a boardwalk built on top of the diversion pipes. It crosses the river to the Michigan side. Once across the river signs will direct you to the top of the falls, or the bottom of the falls.  Go to the top of the falls for a view first, then you can continue if you want to see more.

To see more of the falls continue down the trail.  The trail is not difficult but it does follow some steep cliff edges so be careful when trying to get a better view of the falls.  Remember this is one of the deepest gorges in the region!  These falls are very impressive when the water flow is high, and this is the only time that the lower part of the falls has three segments.

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