Shebandowan River Rapids

Roundtrip: 2 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Location: Shabaqua, Ontario

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Hike to a rapids on the Shebandowan River. The hiking is easy but the navigation will take a little work. This trail used to be much more worn when it was popular with local fishermen, but it seems like it has not been used for a while and the trail is getting hard to follow.

From Thunder Bay head west on hwy 11 for 52km and turn left to stay on hwy 11 at the Atikokan turnoff. Drive for 3.6 km and park off the highway on the left. The beginning of the trail is a little hard to find, and is not flagged. You will see the worn path at the top of a small hill.

Once you find the start of the trail you can follow the worn path and some flagging tape through the forest until you come to a railway track. It is interesting to see that the ties on this track are concrete. Once you walk across the track it is again a bit difficult to find the trail but if you try to go straight across from where you came out you should be able to find it. From here the trail descends toward the river. The trail comes out on the river near a rapid.? When the water is lower you can explore along the river on the rocks.

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