Temperance River Gorge

Hike this scenic route along the narrow Temperance River gorge in Temperance River State Park to see the Hidden Falls. Along the way, you will see the many small waterfalls, some interesting potholes, and the shore of Lake Superior.

Round-trip: 1.5 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Schroeder, MN

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This spur trail meets up with the Superior Hiking Trail that follows the river gorge before climbing to the top of Carlton Peak, nearly 1,000 feet (300 m) above Lake Superior.

Temperance River State Park is located on Highway 61 between Schroeder and Lutsen.? Starting at the roadside parking lots along Highway 61, you can hike a loop north where you can cross the Temperance River, try to catch a glimpse of the Hidden Falls and? follow the river gorge before returning to the parking lot.? Or you can hike south to the shore of Lake Superior.

This gorge is popular with thrill-seekers. Close to the mouth of the gorge near a footbridge, there is a cliff to jump off of into the river below. People also jump into one of the potholes above Hidden Falls and then jump off of the Hidden Falls themselves.

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