Aguasabon Falls

The Aguasabon Falls Trail is located one km west of the Tourist Information Center in Terrace Bay and is a perfect pit stop when you are traveling from Terrace Bay to Rossport as the parking area features a large turn-around parking lot (ideal for RVs), picnic tables and washrooms.

Quick Info

RoundTrip: 3.5 km
Trail Difficulty: Moderate
General Location: Terrace Bay, ON

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The Aguasabon Falls Trail follows a section of the Casque Isles Hiking Trail that follows the gorge to Terrace Bay Beach.  The Aguasabon Falls that cascade 100 feet down the rocky cliff is part of the Aguasabon Generating Station project that began in the 1940s.  The excess water from the Hayes Dam flows downstream to the Aguasabon Falls and eventually into Lake Superior.

Directions to Trailhead

The Aguasabon Gorge Trail is located right along Highway 17 two km west of the Terrace Bay Lighthouse, and one km west of the Tourist Information Center in Terrace Bay, Ontario. From Highway 17, follow the signs to a parking lot at the falls.  You will find signs pointing you in the right direction to the falls from the main parking area.

Trail Info

From the parking lot, there is a boardwalk out to a viewing platform overlooking the gorge and the 100-foot waterfalls that are flowing into the gorge from the left. The lookout is easy to reach and is wheelchair accessible.  Just the feel of the mist and roar of the falls is worth the visit when the water is high, but you also have a gorgeous view all the way to Lake Superior from this lookout as well.

If you want to take the hike to the mouth of the river follow the signs marked Lyda Bay section of the Casque Isles Trail (A11) that takes you from here at the Upper Aguasabon falls westward to the mouth of the river at Lake Superior.  Along the way, you will also get a glimpse of the Lower Aguasabon Falls.  Be sure to follow the signs for the trail leading to Terrace Bay Beach instead of continuing to Danny’s Cove.

You can visit the Agusabon Falls and Gorge year-round.  The falls will be at their peak during the spring runoff but the flow even then may be affected by the regulation of the water levels upstream at the Hays Lake Dam.

While you are in the area you might also want to hike to Worthington Bay.

Photos From the Hike

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  1. Finished this section of the Casque Isle trail this September making it 4 out of 5 segements completed. Loved this section the most. Great trail. Multiple bays with either sand, pebble or rock beaches. Varied terrain with a few steep inclines. Unique terraces deep in the forest. Loved this hike. Took about 5 hours with all the stops to take in the scenery – not to be missed.

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