Beaver River Falls

Beaver River Falls is located in Beaver Bay Minnesota, a few hundred yards before the Beaver River enters Lake Superior, just upstream of the bridge on Highway 61. The falls are visible as you drive by, especially if you are heading south.

Round-trip: 500m
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Beaver Bay, MN

Beaver River Falls is located in Beaver Bay just upstream of the bridge on Highway 61 at mile marker 51.3. You can see the falls as you drive by on the highway, especially when you are heading south. You can find the parking area on the southwest side of the bridge.

You can get a great view of these falls right from the highway 61 bridge. The river drops 300 feet in a series of cascades and falls starting above the Highway 61 bridge and ending at lake superior. Beaver Bay is a cute town to stop for that feeling of being “Up North” with its charming shops and restaurants. Add a hike along the Beaver River, and you will have had a classic North Shore experience. The beach at the mouth of the river is perfect for rock hunters looking for agates.

Directions to the trail

1. This waterfall is easy to find since it is right along the MN-61 highway.
2. From the town of Beaver Bay, look for a large circular parking area directly next to the Beaver River. If you get to the Beaver River bridge on MN-61 you have gone too far.
3. From the parking area, it’s just a short hike downhill to the falls.

Trail Information

The easiest way to get a view of the falls is from the pedestrian walkway on the bridge, but you can also get down into the gorge for a closer view by following the well-used trails. This waterfall can get pretty thin in the summer so the ideal time to visit is in the spring when water levels are high. There are other falls and cascades farther upstream where the Bever River runs next to the Superior Hiking Trail, just before it cuts off the river and back up into the woods.

While you are in the area you may want to check out the Shovel Point trail or the Castle Danger hike.

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