Roundtrip: 3 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Location:  Thunder Bay, ON

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I have a number of secret hiking spots I don’t usually tell people about.  This was one of them, but it was hard to keep a place like this a secret for long.

This hike has everything — shoreline, cliffs, views, trails to explore, and even a possibly a Pukaskwa Pit or two–all very close to town.

Recently this trail has seen some real damage due to blow-down.   The damage is severe on some parts of the trail and it may be difficult to follow.  You will have to find your way around fallen trees or even go out onto the shoreline to get around the obstacles.   Hopefully, over time the debris can be moved or the trail will be re-routed.

Take Highway 11/17 to the Arthur Street intersection.  Go south on Hwy 61 for 5.2 km, turn left on Chippewa Road and go east for 3.4 km until it becomes City Road at Bannon’s Gas Bar, continue east for 6.4 km to Chippewa Park.  Continue past Chippewa park on Sandy Beach Road staying right until you come to the bridge that crosses Brule Bay and park in the parking area on the Lake Superior side of the road.

The trail starts in the parking area and follows the shoreline for the most part.  Approximately, 1 km in you will find a trail to the left flagged with orange tape that leads up to the top of the bluffs.  There are several trails in the area that are fun to explore.  But most times I return the way I came down to the bottom of the bluffs and then head onto the shoreline and follow it back to the parking area.


Brule Bay

(June 5, 2010)

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