Located just past Kakabeka Falls the Cedar Falls Conservation Area features a trail that leads through an evergreen forest to Cedar Creek and the falls.

Roundtrip: 2 km
Difficulty: Easy
Location: Kakabeka Falls, ON

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This is an easy hike along a well-marked trail that is suitable for all ages. The trail is wide and well maintained and there are a few hills. A good time to take this hike is in the late spring so you can watch for rainbow trout jumping up the falls.

Cedar Falls Conservation Area is located at the east end of Broome Road in O’Connor Township. Just past Kakabeka Falls on Highway 11/17, turn left on Highway 590 and left again on Garbutt Road. Proceed along Garbutt Road for 3 km and turn left (east) on Broome Road. Follow this dirt road for 1.5 km to its end at the parking lot.