Claghorn Observer Rock Trail is a gorgeous little-known location with a marked trail to the top of a long cliff band known as Claghorn providing spectacular clifftop views. This is one of several trails in the area.

Roundtrip: 2 km
Difficulty: Difficult
Location: Dorion, ON

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The Observer Rock Trail was created by the Thunder Bay Outward Bound School. The Outward Bound programs had previously used these cliffs for their rock climbing courses. The school closed down its camp at Black Sturgeon Lake in 2005 after 35 years of operation. It is still a popular rock climbing area and hikers should be aware of climbers and be sure not to pass above or below people climbing in order to avoid rockfall danger to themselves and the climbers.

Take Hwy. 11/17 eastbound from Thunder Bay approximately 45 minutes. 6.2 km east of the Esso gas station in Dorion, turn left (north) onto Black Sturgeon Road. Follow Black Sturgeon Road north, past a fork left to the Stirling landfill, and another fork left (5.5 km from Highway 11/17) to Stewart Lake. Just before the 9.5 km point, you will see a cliff on your right (east) through a clear-cut. Continue past the clear-cut to the 9.5 km mark. Just before a bridge over a creek, on a left turn, park at a pullout on the right in mature conifer trees. This is a campsite in the Outward Bound area.

Follow the trail from the parking area through the trees and up onto the talus. Through the talus, the trail is marked with painted red sticks and leads to the top of the cliffs.